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Anna Chilton on sustainability in wine, soil health and more

Anna Chilton

Here’s a recent interview I did with Anna Chilton, who is studying to be a master of wine, and works for an agricultural producer, Camellia.

In the podcast we discuss what sustainability means in wine today, soil health and better practices, and what other industries, particularly in agriculture, might learn from the studies and practices in the wine sector, particularly around sustainability.

Camellia also owns a winery (Linton Park) in South Africa.

It’s a wide-ranging chat, covering a number of areas, and ideal listening for those seeking to understand the broader issues, and some more focused ones on soil health in particular.

We also talked about polyculture. An increasing practice in sustainable agriculture.

Other areas we discussed include the need for clarity and transparency in wine for consumers, and how vineyards can and are becoming more sustainable, from certification to consolidation of sustainability standards.

We also talked about how vineyard owners can think about social sustainability in wine-making, something not discussed that much in the industry.

Other topics included bottle weight solutions (bottling in market as one), water management (drip irrigation), on-site energy generation and using observation techniques for reducing chemical use.