Why should you attend this conference? 

If you work in the wine sector, or are interested in its future, this is the meeting for you.

This is a conference about how sustainability will impact the business of wine, not about niche areas such as natural wine.

We don’t do PowerPoint. We don’t do long winded speeches. We don’t do endless statements & lengthy questions from the floor.

We offer facilitated discussion of important issues. All that we can fit into one intensive day.

We ask our speakers to come prepared to dive into the issues, the trade offs, the challenges and solutions. But not with pre-prepared remarks or slides. That’s boring.

And we’ve all been to boring conferences.

We’ve run hundreds of business conferences since 1999 – Tobias facilitates around 20 conferences and meetings a year, on a variety of sustainable business issues, but with a major focus on agriculture, FMCG and circular economy.

He is also Founder of Innovation Forum, which runs similar meetings all over the world on issues such as sustainable agriculture, food, deforestation and human rights.

This conference in wine sector is about debating and discussing, with experts, the most significant sustainability issues in wine.

Spaces are limited to around 100 attendees, including speakers.

We hope to see you on November 4 in London.



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