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Tobias is founder of Innovation Forum, a specialist sustainability events and publishing company and has worked in sustainable business/agriculture since 2001 running more than 200 similar events. He has spent 20 years working out how to have useful discussions and debates on sustainability that drive progress in different industries.           jghmvncxbmnbvfdghnmbvcbnmbvcbnmbvbnmbvbn

Tobias Webb
Co-founder & Director
Sustainable Wine Limited

Agatha is a corporate executive with 15 years management experience, for the past 11 years she has been working with HNW Venture Capitalists operating in 27 countries. During this time, Agatha has also taken a number of Winemaking, Viticulture and WSET short courses and has developed an extensive network of wine experts, collectors, producers and distributors.

Agatha Pereira 
Co-founder & MD
Sustainable Wine Limited