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Domaine Tempier interview

The excellent 2016 vintage, sustainability, Biodiversity, and a new vineyard

Domaine Tempier wine

Here’s a second interview with Daniel Ravier, winemaker and general manager at Domaine Tempier in Bandol, Provence, on the latest thinking on sustainable practices and their new acquisition and what it means for the wines of Tempier.

A longer interview, focusing a lot on climate change and winemaking can be found here.

In this more recent interview, taped a couple of months ago, we also discussed rats, birds, wild boar and water stresses in and around the vineyard.

Finally we talked about whether larger vats can help the fight against climate change, rising alcohol levels and helping add freshness.

Whilst I love their Rose wine, and the white (hard to get) is superb, it’s the reds I love most at Tempier. The 2015, soon to be bottled and the 2016, bottled next year, are stunning. I’d strongly suggest tasting, and stocking up on the 2016 in particular when it’s available.

Here’s some background on Tempier: http://domainetempier.com/en/page/our-wines-and-vineyards If you like wine, and you don’t know them, you should.

Daniel Ravier