SWR Labour Standards Workshop: What are labour and human rights?

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is delighted to present an in-depth exploration of labour standards and human rights in the wine industry in our three-part workshop series. This workshop series aims to shed light on these pressing issues and initiate a collective effort towards their resolution.

This inaugural session from 18th October 2023 explores the issues which are covered by the concept of human and labour rights. We cover topics such as forced and migrant labour, living wage standards, and modern slavery, providing concrete examples.

Our esteemed panelists include:

  • Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Jantine Werdmuller von Elgg, CEO, Stronger Together
  • Neill Wilkins, Head of Migrant Workers Programme, Head of Migrant Workers Programme, Institute for Human Rights and Business

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