Sustainable Wine Roundtable

The only global multi-stakeholder membership platform committed to advancing sustainability and collaboration in wine.

A roundtable that will lead to an international wine business that sits alongside other product sectors – coffee, chocolate, palm oil, timber, biofuels, etc – in having a global sustainability standard.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals currently working in and around the global wine industry. Incorporating retailers, producers, MWs, consultants and industry experts.

We are an inclusive and welcoming group of wine sustainability experts and motivated stakeholders, actively seeking a better and more sustainable world.

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The Sustainable Wine Roundtable is:

• An independent, nonprofit, multi-stakeholder roundtable that will rally the wine community around a common vision for sustainability.

• A framework for agreeing on sustainability standards and sharing best practices in all aspects of viniculture, wine making and wine business.

• A center for communication, coordinating, sharing and learning.

• A technical resource, policy shop, knowledge center and database.

• A neutral platform to increase collaboration among regional certification schemes, individual company and regional initiatives and industry groups.

• A research and advocacy organisation that promotes progressive policy frameworks and incentives which reward sustainable practices

What we’re doing

The wine community is joining together to make wine a global force for good.

Viticulturists and vintners, wineries and wine shops, exporters and importers, associated businesses and academia, retailers and consumers all dedicated to People, Planet and Prosperity = Sustainability.

There are many promising efforts, but still bottlenecks on the path to a sustainable wine sector:

• The wine sector does not have a visible role on the world sustainability stage even as nations, companies and communities are grappling with environmental, social and economic crises.

• No consensus on what ‘sustainability’ means in wine. Most other major farm-based products have global sustainability standards.

• Insufficient coordination and collaboration among sustainable wine initiatives; no global, multi-stakeholder entity to bring the community together.

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable will coalesce the wine community to tackle these challenges and:

• Protect wildlife and the environment, regenerate landscapes.

• Revitalize communities, provide noble jobs.

• Underwrite thriving businesses, energize entrepreneurs.

• Adapt to climate change, help mitigate climate chaos.

• Venerate ancient cultures and traditions, distinguish new.

• Contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

• Help Build Back Better after the pandemic.

• Raise awareness about living in harmony with nature and each other.

• Encourage mindful consumption and appreciation of the fact that quality wines are a symphony created by nature, eco-friendly vineyard management, the winemaker’s talent, terroir and trained, well-treated workers.


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