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Organic Nutrient Recycling

Ross Barclay-Beuthin, founder of Cloud Agro, focuses on SOIL HEALTH through ORGANIC NUTRIENT RECYCLING – the ‘Green’ Science driving Today’s Agriculture.

Here’s some more about Ross, and what he does:

Driven by the desire to achieve a sustainable farming model with optimum efficiency and profitability, I decided to ‘take a look under the bonnet’, so to speak. Eureka, there was more life under the surface, and this was what was controlling what happened above, the profits!

Since then, I have realised that more and more people are discovering the same thing, and that the paradigm shift has begun. Farmers are making the transition from harmful chemicals to natural nutrition.

This inspired CLOUD AGRO LTD and the services and products it provides. From developing nutrition and soil health protocols with on-farm field trialling, to delivering natural organic based fertilisers and soil conditioners known as SMART FEEDS, like FUTUREGRO. It’s all about organic nutrient recycling, and the way nature intended it to be.

We supply farmers in Europe, with a vision to expand into Africa via NGOs and the UN’s program to support subsistence farmers in the fight against the effects of Climate Change and the rehabilitation of the degraded soils we live off.

I have an open invitation to anyone who wishes to collaborate with any aspect of this vision, so please get in touch.

To learn more, see the study on Conservation Agriculture, and Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM) conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN).

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Léoube a château in Provence

Their Philosophy

Produce the best from what the land can give you, with great affection and care.

This is the motto of the owners of Domaine de Léoube – one of the most beautiful protected sites in Europe and home to Château Léoube.

Set in 560 hectares, the estate includes 70 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of olive groves, all devoted to growing the grapes and olives that make Léoube’s award winning wines and olive oils.

The Léoube estate was bought by the current owners in 1997. Seduced by this chateau in Provence, the Léoube’s history and beauty, they set out to make wines with character that were true to their terroir, while remaining respectful of nature.

As the founders of Daylesford Organic – one of the UK’s most sustainable farms – the owners are passionate about environmentally friendly farming and wished to bring this natural approach to Léoube.

Following a back-to-basics philosophy, we believe in strengthening the land’s biodiversity and natural defenses by employing traditional growing methods and using only natural, non-toxic treatments. As such, our grapes and olives are all harvested by hand, in tune with the seasonal and lunar cycles.

Our belief is that if you respect the balance of the plant then you will get the most balanced fruit in return, and the flourishing of the vines and olive trees at Léoube stand as testimony to this approach.

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