Sustainability in Action: The Bottle Weight Accord 6 months later

By Hanna Halmari

At the end of May 2024, we marked the six-month anniversary of the SWR Bottle Weight Accord’s release with a reflective webinar. We discussed the progress and future of the Bottle Weight Accord, highlighting the advancements made, stories and experiences of our members, and our vision for the next phase of the Accord.

Discover how the Accord is evolving to include both retailers and producers, expanding geographically, and fostering critical conversations around implementation.


  • Simon Mason, Head of Wine Sustainability & Due Diligence, The Wine Society
  • Emily Revell, Purpose & Sustainability Manager, Virgin Wines
  • Nicolas Daspres, Technical Director, Terra Vitis

Moderator: Dr. Peter Stanbury, Research Director, Sustainable Wine Roundtable

If you have any questions with regards to the ‘Bottle Weight Accord’, please contact either Dr. Peter Stanbury (Research Director) or Delaney Sheridan (Operations Manager).

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About the author

Hanna Halmari

Hanna Halmari is the editor at Sustainable Wine and the head of conferences at Innovation Forum. Hanna specialises in sustainability research and events across various industries. She holds an MSc in international development from Kings’s College London, where she developed a strong interest in political economy and post-communist transformation. Hanna speaks Finnish, Bulgarian and English. In her spare time she is a dedicated Radio Lollipop volunteer at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, enjoys travelling, and tasting new wines.