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Sustainability in wine

This website is run by Sustainable Wine Ltd, a start-up founded in 2019 by Tobias Webb and Agatha Pereira. Our focus is on publishing www.sustainablewine.co.uk and running debate-driven business conferences on sustainability in wine, winemaking & circular economy.

The original idea, began life in 2015 with Tobias’s blog on sustainable wine – showcasing since then podcasts, videos and interviews with mostly winemakers and growers.

Now, our main plan is to run a website on the topic with a newsletter, supported by conferences and events.

Our objective is to clarify some of the confusion around what sustainability means and how you put into practice in the wine industry.

We are bringing together a group of experts to debate and analyse solutions to topics like viticultural responses to climate change, biodiversity, biodynamics, pesticides, polyculture, mass produced wines, water management, regenerative agriculture, certification, labelling, consumer behaviour, vineyard development, adaptation, strategy and efficiency.

To sign up for our upcoming November 4 Forum in London,

“The Future of Wine” click here.

More about Tobias & Agatha can be found here: Toby & Agatha 

The conference builds on the experience of Co-Founder Tobias Webb, who has researched, organised, run and chaired more than 250 conferences since 1999.

We aim make forums like this interesting and informative by taking out all the ‘props’, such as PowerPoint and speeches; instead, we focus on facilitation and controlled debates, staying on point, and bring out solutions to the wine industry.




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