SWR Official Launch of ‘Bottle Weight Accord’

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable is delighted to confirm the official launch date of the SWR ‘Bottle Weight Accord’ which will take place on Tuesday, 10th of October, 2023.

This follows a 6-month in-depth study into wine bottle weight reduction, which was co-funded by SWR retailer members Alko (Finland), Lidl GB (UK), Systembolaget (Sweden), The Wine Society (UK) and Whole Foods Market (USA). The SWR ‘Bottle Weight Accord’ is focused on the light weighting of 750 ml still wine bottles with the initial target to reduce the current average bottle weight among its retailer members from 550g to 420g before the end of 2026.

‘Bottle Weight Accord’ Webinar

As part of the official launch, the SWR will host an online 90-minute webinar (Start time: 16:00 pm GMT+1) to present the details of the accord and to promote the retailers involved.

We are also delighted to be collaborating with Jancis Robinson on a feature article which will be published on JancisRobinson.com to coincide with the official launch date.

If you have any questions with regards to the ‘Bottle Weight Accord’, please contact either Dr. Peter Stanbury (Research Director) or Tom Owtram (General Manager).

Join us for this exceptional occasion! Register your attendance by following the link above.

Live Online Event – 10th of October at 16:00 pm GMT+1

Key Resources

  • Read the SWR Report 'Reducing wine bottle weight' - an assessment of the potential for the reduction in wine bottle weight with findings and recommendations.
  • Please find the SWR 'International Bottle Weight Accord' Press Release
  • Read the SWR 'Bottle Weight Accord' - the ground-breaking accord between leading wine retailers around the globe to reduce the average weight of 750ml still wine bottles in their range.