SWR Sustainable Viticulture Protocol – Official Launch Webinar
Official Launch of the SWR Sustainable Viticulture Protocol


The Sustainable Wine Roundtable is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Sustainable Viticulture Protocol, a landmark initiative defining and supporting best practices in sustainable viticulture worldwide. Join us for the launch event on on Tuesday, 9th of July, 2023.

Environmental practices in the vineyard, particularly the use of chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, and fertilisers, are critical issues in wine sustainability. While organic and biodynamic methods have gained popularity for their reduced chemical use, they are not the only paths to achieving sustainability. Our new protocol seeks to reorient viticulture practices, emphasising the reduction of chemical inputs and the adoption of regenerative techniques.

The development of the Sustainable Viticulture Protocol stems from a year’s dedicated work focused on addressing the sustainable use of vineyard chemicals supported by SWR members Treasury Wine Estates (USA), Ste. Michelle Wine Estates (USA), VSPT Wine Group (Chile), Cloudy Bay (New Zealand), and Hochschule Geinsenheim University (Germany). This protocol is not merely about reducing chemical usage but about reshaping viticulture practices to inherently require fewer chemical inputs. It builds on the success of the Bottle Weight Accord, which has driven significant industry-wide action towards reducing bottle weight.


Key Objectives of the Sustainable Viticulture Protocol:

  • Minimising Chemical Use: Emphasising a reduction in the amount and toxicity of chemicals used in vineyards.
  • Promoting Regenerative Practices: Introducing regenerative techniques that can restore and enhance vineyard ecosystems.
  • Supporting Diverse Growing Conditions: Providing guidelines that are flexible and adaptable to various geographical and climatic conditions.
  • Ensuring Sustainability Across the Supply Chain: Covering practices from the vineyard to packaging and logistics.


Sustainable Viticulture Protocol Launch Webinar


Join us for the official online launch webinar on Tuesday, July 9th at 16:00 GMT+1 where we will present the details of the protocol and unveil findings from the initial phase of work.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 9th of July at 16:00 GMT+1
Moderator: Dr. Peter Stanbury, Research Director, SWR

Stay tuned for the confirmed list of speakers


If you have any questions with regards to the ‘Sustainable Viticulture Protocol’, please contact Dr. Peter Stanbury (Research Director) or Delaney Sheridan (Operations Manager).


Join us for this exceptional occasion! Register your attendance by following the link above.

Live Online Event – 9th of July at 16:00 pm GMT+1