Following our successful conference in November 2020, which had more than 800 participants from around the world, this June 2021 event brings together brands and progressive thinkers in sustainable wine in the Americas.

The focus will not just be the USA – speakers and attendees will join us from South America, Canada and other nations worldwide.

Over a day of workshop, 60+ speakers and two conference days on Zoom – we’ll debate key issues, and the practical implementation of sustainability with some of the leading producers, distributors, importers, retailers and many others across the wine industry.

Attendance is free, but may be limited to the first 1000 sign ups

Register as soon as possible to secure your place!

Use this Zoom Link to join the conference:

Pre-conference workshops

Sustainable wine packaging: How to lower your footprint and engage your customers

A practical and interactive workshop on how to make packaging (more) sustainable
June 1: 1 pm - 4 pm Pacific Standard Time Free on Zoom

This workshop is to discuss what constitutes (more) sustainable packaging today. It will include presentations, discussions and Q&As with the speakers and participants. Wine industry executives, packaging and winery managers will be in attendance.

Learn about the drivers, examples, processes, outcomes of sustainable packaging, so that you can adapt to the demands for better packaging outcomes.

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How to measure GHG emissions – and take effective and collective climate action

A practical and interactive workshop with leading experts on wine GHG measurement reduction and climate mitigation strategies
June 1: 9 am - 12 pm Pacific Standard Time Free on Zoom

How do you take climate action? Start by measurement. But wait a minute, isn’t measuring emissions difficult, time consuming and expensive right? Not any more. The International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) data and metrics driven approach allows you to get on with the work at hand. It will allow the industry to understand our collective ‘emissions hotspots’, aggregate emissions reductions and make a serious climate impact. Join us for this practical workshop to discuss exactly HOW to tackle climate change in US wineries.

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Agenda highlights

  • How can wine businesses turn sustainability into opportunity?
  • Climate targets and the rest: What a credible sustainability strategy looks like in 2021
  • Can we agree on a global set of principles and criteria for sustainability in wine?
  • Risks in the pipeline: What are the emerging pest and disease threats we face, and how can sustainable approaches tackle them?
  • How does the US wine industry need to adapt to a changing environment, and what role will sustainability play?
  • What is a circular winery? Is it worth your time and cash?
  • How realistic is a chemical free vineyard, does it matter? Managing risk over prohibition of substances, the role of bio control and Integrated Pest Management
  • Stories of wine business strategy development on sustainability. Learn from those who already spent the money doing it
  • How can glass reduce its footprint today – and tomorrow
  • Packaging innovation: Should wine below $20 even be in a bottle, trends to 2025 and beyond
  • Organic is big: But is it worse for climate change than lower intervention wine making?
  • Lessons from other industries: What can wine learn from other consumer goods about sustainability, transparency and consumer engagement
  • 'Misinformation in wine: How transparency and science can change the debate on ‘clean’ and ‘natural wine’
  • Social fairness: How can wine tackle equality well, and meaningfully?
  • Water management case studies: What can we learn from different regional examples?
  • How can retailers turn sustainability into an opportunity for the wine industry in the Americas?

Confirmed Speakers

David Amadia
Ridge Vineyards
Julien Gervreau
Vice President of Sustainability
Jackson Family Wines
Juan Pablo Murgia
Chief Winemaker
Bodega Argento
Jessica Baum
Director of Sustainability & Regenerative Development
Fetzer Vineyards
John Williams
Frog's Leap
Joanna Griffiths
Global Food Community Director
BSI Group
Laura Catena
Managing Director and Founder and Board Member
Bodega Catena Zapata and Catena Institute of Wine
Anna Brittain
Executive Director
Napa Green Sustainability Program
Will Drayton
Director of Technical Viticulture & Research Winemaking
Treasury Wine Estates
Diana Seysses
Domaine Dujac and Snowden Vineyards
Yannick Benjanmin
Wine on Wheels
Gabriel Bloise
Chakana Wines
Steve Booher
Founder & Owner
Smart Guided Systems
Eduardo Chadwick
Viñedos Familia Chadwick
Susan Cholette
VP of Consulting Services, CleanMetrics & Professor, Decision Sciences
San Francisco State University
Kathy Clancy
The Natural Wine School
Laura Diaz
Winemaker and General Manager
Ehlers Estate
Feliz Egerer
Vineyard Manager
Jon Entine
Executive Director
Genetic Literacy Project
Edward Field
Owner and Founding Partner
Natural Merchants
Marie-Odile Fortier
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
University of California
Alicia Towns Franken
Board Member & Mentor
Wine Unify
Fintan du Fresne
General Manager and Winemaker
Chamisal Vineyards
Miguel Garcia
Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager
Napa RCD
David Gates
Senior VP of Vineyard Operations
Ridge Vineyards
Ignacio Gavilan
Director of Sustainability
The Consumer Goods Forum
Ron Gonen
Closed Loop Partners
Elena Carretero Gomez
Elena Carretero Gomez, vice chairman r+d consortium, Wines of Chile, corporate affairs & sustainability director, Santa Rita Estates
Santa Rita Estates
Randall Grahm
Bonny Doon
David Grayson
Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility
Cranfield School of Management Uk and Chair of the Institute of Business Ethics
Melissa Hansen
Research Program Director
Washington State Wine Commission
Caroline Hermann
Katie Jackson
Jackson Family Wines
Lia Jones
Executive Director
Diversity in Food and Beverage
Allison Jordan
Executive Director
California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance
Karissa L. Kruse
Sonoma Country Winegrowers
Jordan Lonbord
Tablas Creek Vineyard
Steve Mathiasson
Owner and Winemaker
Matthiasson Family Vineyards
Rob McMillan
EVP & Founder
Wine Division, Silicon Valley Bank
Beth Novak Milliken
President and CEO
Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery
Carlo Mondavi
Carlo Mondavi, co-founder & chief farming officer Monarch Tractor, co-founder winegrower RAEN winery
Caleb Mosley
Vineyard Manager
Matthiasson Family Vineyards
Katie Pease
Program Manager
Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia
Joel Peterson
Executive Director
Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance
Nicolas Quille MW
Chief Winemaker and Operations Officer
Crimson Wine Group
Martin Reyes MW
Reyes Wine Group
Michela K. Rodeno
Villa Ragazzi
Andy Rose
Head of Strategy
The Good Goods
Melissa Saunders MW
Communal Brands
Bruce Schneider
Gotham Project
Michael Scholz
VP of Viticulture and Winemaking
St Supéry Estate Vineyard & Winery
Brian Talley
President and CEO
Talley Vineyards
Cristobal Undurraga
Technical Director
Viña Koyle
Andres Valero
Leader of Sustainability and CSR
Group Avinea
Beth Vukmanic
Program Director
SIP Certified
Vaughn Walton
Professor, Hortcultural Entomologist
Oregon State University
Peter Work
Winemaker & Grape Grower
Ampelos Cellars
Steve Booher
Founder & Owner
Smart Guided Systems
Laurel Marcus
Executive Director
California Land Stewardship Institute
Dr. Cristine Morgan
Chief Scientific Officer
Soil Health Institute
Pau Roca
Director General
International Organisation of Vine & Wine
Sandra E. Taylor
Sustainable Business International
Bárbara Wolff
Chief Corporate Affairs and Innovation
VSPT Wine Group
Paul Foulkes-Arellano
Circuthon Consulting
Fernando Buscema
Winemaker and Executive Director
Bodega Catena Zapata and Catena Institute of Wine
Carlos de Jesus
Director Marketing and Communications
Amorim Cork
Caren McNamara
Founder and CEO
Conscious Containers
Elton Potts
Managing Partner
Vine Vault