Sustainable Wine Roundtable Global Conference 2022

Following the success of the events held in 2019 and 2020 by Sustainable Wine.

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) is pleased to announce that this June, the SWR will host its first annual conference. 

Over two conference days on Zoom – we’ll debate key issues, and the practical implementation of sustainability with some of the leading producers, distributors, importers, retailers and many others across the wine industry.

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Agenda highlights

  • How will the Sustainable Wine Roundtable catalyse change in the global wine industry? And why does it matter?
  • Sustainability strategies: Why is sustainability now not a choice but a necessity? What does it mean for wine businesses?
  • Sustainable tourism: How do we link sustainable tourism with sustainable wine?
  • Vineyard inputs: A new approach to an old debate. Protecting human health, the environment and productivity.
  • Packaging: Mitigating glass impacts - is standard size & weight the key?
  • Breaking out of the bubble: Learning from other industries - key lessons for wine. How Standards can guide and incentivise sector-wide transformation.
  • How is wine adapting to the climate chaos? And is it moving fast enough?
  • Wine standards and certification: clarity, coordination and common cause. What role does the SWR have to play?
  • Consumers say they want sustainable wine; how can retailers deliver?
  • Carbon accounting: harmonising the metrics and methodologies. Is standardisation a realistic goal?
  • Wine people: ensuring the rights and well-being of workers, advancing equality and diversity, and nurturing good relations with neighbouring communities.
  • Way forward - The SWR agenda for action to 2025. How you can be part of the movement.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Reinforce your credentials as a pioneer in sustainability when you become a sponsor of the SWR Conference.

Your support as a conference sponsor allows the SWR to host this conference free of charge, enabling all actors in wine to attend and promote sustainability in the industry.

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Confirmed Speakers

Franco Bastias
Chief Agronomist
Domaine Bousquet
Saúl Blanco
Director of Sustainable Travel Programme
Preferred by Nature
Anne Bousquet
CEO & Co-Founder
Domaine Bousquet
Devon Broglie
Wine, Beer, and Spirits Product Development and Innovation
Barry Dick MW
BWS Global Bulk Wine Sourcing Manager
Waitrose & Partners
Will Drayton
Director of Technical Viticulture & Research Winemaking
Treasury Wine Estates
Carlos De Jesus
Director Marketing & Communications
Anne-Laure Ferroir
Terra Vitis
Shelly Fuller
Fruit & Wine Programme Manager
WWF South Africa
Kirsten Gray
Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer
Treasury Wine Estates
Mafalda Guedes
Corporate Brand & Communications
Etelle Higonnet
Senior Advisor
National Wildlife Federation
Anna Hooper
Manager of Industry Policy
Australian Grape & Wine
Marcus Ihre
Sustainability Supply Chain Manager
Stefan Jirka
Senior Manager, Agriculture Innovation
Linda Johansson
Sustainability Manager
Dr. Nick Kirk
Technical Director
British Glass
Erica Landin-Lofving
Chief Sustainability Officer
Vintage Wine Estates
Catherine Leparmentier
Managing Director
Great Wine Capitals
Valentina Lira
Director of Sustainability
Concha y Toro
Michele Manelli
Equalitas Vice-President
Owner of Salcheto Winery
Laurel Marcus
Executive Director
Fish Friendly Farming
Simon Mason
Head of Wine Sustainability & Due Diligence
The Wine Society
Derek Markolf
Americas Climate Change and Sustainability Technical Manager
Lloyd's Register
Amina Merlez Ghiglino
Innovation & Development Specialist
VSPT Wine Group
Sara Norell
Director of Assortment, Purchasing & Supplychain
Ceri Parke
Cantina Goccia
Emerentia Patientia
Senior Project Officer
Fairtrade Africa
Annette Pensel
Executive Director
Global Coffee Platform
Prof. Gary Pickering
Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute
Brock University
Josh Prigge
Sustainability Consultant and Principal
Elena Schmidt
Executive Director
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
Prof. Hans Schultz
Hochschule Geisenheim University
Luis Reginato
Vineyard Manager
Catena Zapata
Josep Maria Ribas Portella
Member Board of Directors
International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)
Jimena Sanchez
Network Representative
Allan Sichel
Bordeaux Wine Council
Sandrine Sommer
Chief Sustainability Officer
Moët Hennessy
Stefano Stefanucci
Executive Director
Gergely Szolnoki
Professor of Market Research
Hochschule Geisenheim University
Sam Thackeray
Managing Director
Dan Thomas
Smashed Grapes
Ana Varsi
Associate Director of Sustainability Standards & Scheme Manager
Sara Walton
Sector Lead (Food)
British Standards Institution (BSI)
Jim White
Technical Director
Cloudy Bay
Barbara Wolff Gopfert
Sustainability & Innovation Manager
VSPT Wine Group
Hubert Zeimett
Managing Director
Château Léoube