In the vineyard: Agroforestry and regeneration

This is a recording of a panel session from the SWR Global Conference Series 2023  “The sustainable vineyard and winery in 2030” conference from 3rd May 2023.

In the vineyard: Agroforestry and regeneration

Do vineyard operators understand what agroforestry means for vineyards? How can such practices tackle climate change and add to regeneration? In this session our speakers discuss the benefits and practices that make a difference.


  • Nicolas Daspres, Programme Coordinator, Terra Vitis Loire
  • Etelle Higonnet, Environmental and Human Rights Expert, Chevalier de L’ordre National du Mérite
  • Mathieu Meyer, Estate Director, Château Galoupet, (LVMH)

Moderator: Patrick Worms, Senior Science Policy Advisor, CIFOR-ICRAF

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