In the winery: Sustainable design, and building efficiency

This is a recording of a panel session from the SWR Global Conference Series 2023  “The sustainable vineyard and winery in 2030” conference from 3rd May 2023.

In the winery: Sustainable design, and building efficiency

It’s clear that applying modern design and thinking to wineries can make them look beautiful. It can also, and usually does, hugely improve energy efficiency. But most wineries don’t get the chance to rebuild from the ground up, given the cost.  So which are the changes which can deliver energy efficiency, whilst reducing climate impacts and saving money  This session features some leading experts to discuss.


  • Oscar Bayley, CSR Manager, Famille Perrin
  • Marie Fourure, CSR Project Manager, Famille Perrin
  • Victoria González-Gordon López de Carrizosa, Chief Sustainability Officer, González Byass
  • Carlos Manuel Silva, CEO, Amorim Insulation

Moderator: David Harvey, Raeburn Fine Wines

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