In the winery: Water use

This is a recording of a panel session from the SWR Global Conference Series 2023  “The sustainable vineyard and winery in 2030” conference from 3rd May 2023.

In the winery: Water use

We’ve all been to wineries, or worked in them, and seen the endless hoses, doing important work helping managing hygiene and wine quality. But how clear are we about what represents best practice in winery water use? On the one hand no-one likes to waste water, but on the other, it is not always competitively priced, and incentives matter. In this session we consider if there is a knowledge sharing gap, how much water efficiency can save producers, and what role SWR might play.


  • Nicolas Daspres, Programme Coordinator, Terra Vitis Loire
  • Robert Eden, General Manager, Chateau Maris
  • Andrés Valero, Sustainability and CSR Leader, Grupo Avinea 

Moderator: Dr. Peter Stanbury, Research Director, SWR 

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