All the tools in the toolbox: Why we need to move beyond organic vs ‘conventional’

This is a recording from our Sustainability in the Vineyard  online conference that took place on 22nd June, 2021.

Science based approaches are not always taken on board in the wine industry. One good example is how the term organic is understood and applied. In this session we will debate, with a science communications expert, how this should change. Climate change means we really do need all the tools available to us, and we will discuss how we move from dogma, to science based approaches.


  • Ernst Loosen, owner, Weingut Dr. Loosen
  • Jon Entine, executive director, Genetic Literacy Project
  • Bruno Le Breton, owner and winemaker, BLB Vignobles

Moderator: Toby Webb, co-founder, Sustainable Wine

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