How do we reduce the impact of wine distribution?

This is a recording from our Sustainable Wine Packaging online conference that took place on 23rd June, 2021.

This chart, tweeted by Jancis Robinson recently, shows the CO2 footprint of wine in its value chain. Transport and distribution has a significant impact. So what can be done about making distribution lower carbon? This session will discuss how this can, and is happening. We will look at the challenges and opportunities to save money and drive innovation.


  • Mickael Alborghetti, CEO & founder, Ethic Drinks
  • Sam Boex, co-founder, Flexi Hex
  • Richard Ellison, managing director, Wanderlust Wines
  • Nicolas Rizzi, owner, Modal Wines

Moderator: Pauline Vicard, executive director, Areni Global – FM4FW

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