Principles in practice: How can retailers and producers engage consumers in sustainable wine formats?

This is a recording from our Sustainable Wine Packaging online conference that took place on 23rd June, 2021.

Talking to consumers about sustainability has never been easy. In 2021 awareness of sustainability issues has never been greater. But helping customers move beyond buying organic or natural wine means getting them to think about packaging and distribution, which is where the biggest impacts actually are, in terms of CO2. In this session we’ll discuss how those closest to customers can engage them in sustainability beyond bottle labels.


  • Muriel Chatel, managing director, Borough Wines
  • Melissa Saunders, MW, CEO, Communal Brands
  • Damien Barton, director, Château Leoville Barton & Langoa Barton

Moderator: Toby Webb, co-founder, Sustainable Wine

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