Optimising labour and human capital in vineyards and wineries

This is a recording of a panel session from the SWR Global Conference Series 2023 “The sustainable vineyard and winery in 2030”  conference from 3rd May 2023.

In this pre-event workshop, we discuss how the wine sector can tackle important labour and human rights issues in wine. We look at the drivers, incentives and business case to do so, and focus on how SWR can work with members to deliver a practical programme that meets retailers needs whilst focusing on better outcomes for vineyard and winery operators, and their workforce.


  • Axel Kollberg, Sustainability Manager – Human Rights in Global Supply Chains,
  • Anu Kultalahti, Researcher, Finnwatch
  • Timothy Gore, Director, Sustainability Advisory (Climate, Circular Economy &
    Human Rights), KPMG
  • Jimena Sanchez, Network Representative, Amfori
  • Stefano Stefanucci, Director, Equalitas

Moderator: Dr. Peter Stanbury, Research Director, SWR 

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