“Regenerative” in agriculture is all the rage. But should it be?

This is a recording from our Sustainability in the Vineyard  online conference that took place on 22nd June, 2021.

Regenerative is everywhere you turn. But there is only one standard and certification scheme, out of California, so far. More are coming. But does regenerative ‘do the job’ in describing and catalysing sustainable practices? Our speakers bring different perspectives to this debate and we’ll ask them questions such as:

  1. What does regenerative actually mean? Should it go beyond soil?
  2. How have sustainability concerns changed how they work in the vineyard today?
  3. Do we need more and better standards for sustainable viticulture beyond organic? Should these be certifiable?
  4. How do we get the sustainability message across to growers and smaller producers- often using outdated practices
    because “that’s how we do it”


  • Basile Tesseron, owner and winemaker, Château Lafon-Rochet
  • João L. Barroso, sustainability programme coordinator, Wines of Alentejo
  • Stephen Cronk, founder & CEO, Mirabeau Wine
  • Abby Rose, co-founder, Vidacycle

Moderator: Toby Webb, co-founder, Sustainable Wine

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