So you understand the need to tackle emissions: How do you get started?

This is a recording of a panel session from the SWR Global Conference Series 2023 “How to turn climate mitigation and adaptation into business opportunity”  conference from 1st February 2023.

So you understand the need to tackle emissions: How do you get started?

Climate strategies must be part of a holistic sustainability strategy, which is more than a few web pages featuring babydoll sheep, alternative packaging pilots and diversity initiatives. Starting with climate change is a good way into broader sustainability strategies. So how can you learn from wine businesses trying to lead in the space. Specifically:

  • What are the tools and off the shelf approaches that help you set a baseline?
  • How do you put them into action, and what is a meaningful timeline to create a climate, then a holistic sustainability strategy?
  • Examples of how it’s done – what are the transferable lessons for others?
  • How can collaboration initiatives, such as SWR, improve collaboration and sharing of better practices?


  • Julien Gervreau, Founding Board Member, International Wineries for Climate Action
  • Michele Manelli, Owner and Winemaker, Salcheto Winery
  • Sarah Braude, Casella Family Brands, Australia

Moderator: Dr. Peter Stanbury, Research Director, Sustainable Wine Roundtable

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