In our second one day conference on Wednesday May 3rd we will debate and showcase real world solutions to the most pressing and urgent sustainability challenges in the vineyard and winery.

SWR Pre-conference workshop

Optimising labour and human capital in vineyards and wineries

A pre-conference virtual workshop where we deep dive into a specific area of sustainability in wine with the audience
In this 90 minute pre-conference workshop, open to SWR members, we will discuss how the wine sector can tackle important labour and human rights issues in wine. We will look at the drivers, incentives and business case to do so, and focus on how SWR can work with members to deliver a practical programme that meets retailers needs whilst focusing on better outcomes for vineyard and winery operators, and their workforce.

Why Attend

Discover best practices from industry leaders and get in-depth guidance on how to effectively implement policies
Meet & network with an influential audience of key stakeholders in wine, including retailers, producers, importers and distributors, NGOs and other supply chain actors
Benchmark company performance amongst a room of your peers and discover where you should be focusing efforts

Agenda Highlights

  • Can sustainability make vineyards and wineries more profitable? Practical examples
  • What are the regulatory, business case, and investor drivers for sustainability?
  • In the vineyard: How does sustainability regenerate vineyards without organics?
  • In the vineyard: Water and irrigation
  • In the vineyard: Agroforestry and regeneration
  • In the winery: Water use
  • In the winery: Energy use and Capturing CO2 – should you do it?
  • In the winery: Sustainable design, and building efficiency
  • Emerging solutions for sustainability in vineyards and wineries (Dragons Den)
  • What will a sustainable vineyard and winery look like in 2030?

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Conference Speakers

Axel Kollberg
Sustainability Manager
Anu Kultalahti
Timothy Gore
Director, Sustainability Advisory
Jimena Sanchez
Network Representative - Latin America
Stefano Stefanucci
Executive Director
Victoria González-Gordon
Chief Sustainability Officer
González Byass
Dom de Ville
Director of Sustainability and Social Impact
The Wine Society
Gregoire Letort
Investor & Advisor - FoodTech & Sustainability
Marcus Ihre
Sustainability Manager
Marja Aho
Sustainability Manager
Andrew Gale
Technical and Sustainability Director
Enotria & Coe
Stephanie Duboudin
Dr. Charles Merfield
Future Farming Centre
Stephen Cronk
Regenerative Viticulture Foundation
Bruno Le Breton
Owner and Winemaker
BLB Vignobles
Michele Manelli
Vice President
Cecilia Acosta
Agricultural Manager
Grupo Avinea
Etelle Higonnet
Environmental and Human Rights Expert
Anne-Laure Ferroir
Sustainability and CSR Leader
Grupo Avinea
Franco Bastias
Agronomist Engineer
Domaine Bousquet
Nicolas Daspres
Terra Vitis Loire
Enno Lippold
Owner and Winemaker
Dr Lippold
Jennifer Lynch McLaren
Manager, Industrial Redesign & Innovation
Nicolas Jamin
Vigne Vivante
Jason Haas
Owner and Winemaker
Tablas Creek
Julien Gervreau
Founding Board Member
International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)
Chris Boiling
Wine Journalist
Laura Catena
Catena Zapata
Patrick Worms
Senior Science Policy Advisor
World Agroforestry
Mathieu Meyer
Estate Director
Château Galoupet (LVMH)
Andrés Valero
Sustainability & CSR Leader
Grupo Avinea
Franco Bastias
Head of Agriculture
Domaine Bousquet